Technology Write for US

Technology Write for US

Looking for new guest bloggers and companies to include on our site. By sharing it on our blog and other social media outlets, you’ll be able to expose your work to a wider audience.

  • Inherently Appropriate Anchor Text
  • Instantly Boost Your Domain Authority and PageRank

For anyone interested in contributing as a guest blogger, please read the following:

Articles submitted must be original and should not violate any copyrights.
Please only submit articles that are relevant to our blog’s focus (Technology) and provide helpful information.

Articles posted here should not be published elsewhere. If it turns up elsewhere, we’ll take it down from the site immediately.
In order to be considered, your article must be 1200 words or longer and completely error-free.

One prominent image and one additional image within the text are required. The image(s) you use should not be protected by any copyright laws, and if they are licenced under Creative Commons, you must give them due credit. Please provide credit where credit is due if you use any images that are protected by intellectual property laws.

Ensure that your submission follows all of the guidelines for article formatting. Use H1/H2 for the post’s primary headings and H3/H4 for its subheadings. Make the post more legible by breaking it up into paragraphs and using bullet points if necessary.

Make sure to use a keyword density of 1%-2% in your article’s text to maximise its effectiveness.
Take use of Google’s autosuggest and LSI keywords. To help readers find your post, include relevant keywords throughout it.
To score extra points, use keywords for search engine optimization. If you want your article to get a lot of views, you should focus on keywords with low competition.
Some of the most important advantages of guest posting are as follows:
It aids in the development of high-caliber inbound links.
Aids significantly in establishing and sustaining your position as an authority in your field on the Internet.

Drives more visitors to your website or blog.

More bloggers who share your views become accessible to you.
Boosts your profile on the blogosphere.
Categories of Bogs and Other Wetland Habitats Guests are always welcome here, but we especially love having you! ​ \sTechnology
Internet \sApps \sWebsites
Gadget \sSoftware
Internet advertising
Submissions from invited guests
Write for Us, About Technology: Tips for Submitting a Guest Post.
As a reminder,
Our team will do its best to respond to your email within one business day, but please be patient with us if we take a little longer than that. We trust this makes sense to you. If you want a quicker response from our staff, please label your subject line “SPONSORED POST.”

If, after reading our guest posting requirements, you are still interested in contributing an article, you can do so by sending it to us in an email.

Technology \sTechnology Find Us Online with These Related Search Terms While You’re Writing for Us
Hi there! If you’re interested in keeping up with the newest in the world of technology as well as other interesting stuff, then you’ve found the right place: Brotechnologyx. Technology is the driving force behind every human achievement, and it will never leave our side.
At Brotechnologyx, we provide those with a penchant for writing a shot through our “Write for Us” system.
Anyone interested in writing for us, whether as a guest author, a sponsor, or a contributor, is invited to do so.

We encourage anyone who shares our enthusiasm for the technology that powers software and apps to “write for us” in the Softwares section of our site, where they may also find opportunities to guest post or have their own work sponsored. Before contacting us, please read our guest posting guidelines.

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